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Welcome to Spot Turn Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing world, flexibility in our businesses and our lives is key; the ability to spot what is not working and turn quickly to more positive behaviours or solutions. A ‘spot turn’ in dance is a sharp, focused turn and I am looking to help you make those short sharp adjustments to allow your life to be more effective and manageable. I do this on a team basis, where we help teams identify what is not working, open up communication and have some of those brave conversations we tend to shy away from. All programmes are tailored to you, your industry and your environment and combined with personal or team coaching, which cements learning and makes personal applications to daily life. I also work one-on-one with executives and particularly women, who are navigating transition in their careers or lives in general.



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Karen Grant | Director

Karen has some 20 years’ experience in the Corporate environment, as an Account Manager in professional services (for 10 years) and then as an independent facilitator and coach. She is passionate about helping individuals and teams better...

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